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A story of salvation has broken into the bestseller lists as Alexander Urumov’s novel Ali, The Immortal touches the hearts of Bulgarian readers.

Based on real events, Ali, The Immortal tells the story of a relentlessly violent fighter in the Iran-Iraq War who comes to Bulgaria and becomes a brutal executor of orders for the Bulgarian Underground. He is eventually sent to jail for 14 years for his crimes, but everything changes when he stumbles upon a Bible written in his own language. Ali accepts Jesus and is released from prison into a world of people who don’t trust him, except for one pastor.

Haggai leader Alexander Urumov has published five books, including Jesus Christ Power and Politics, centered around Christian values and stories. He works as the director of public communication and spokesman for the Bulgarian National Bank.

Alexander with a fellow author at a book signing event.

Alexander with a fellow author at a book signing event.

“In the long term, I’d like to influence my national culture, changing the current lack of faith, perspective, and enthusiasm by turning the eyes of the nation to Christian values,” says Alexander.

“God opened the door to present the novel in some of the most popular TV shows in Bulgaria, and, now, we are organizing a national tour together with my brother and the real-life Ali, sharing this amazing story all over my country.”

Alexander met Ali as an already dedicated believer at a National Haggai Leader Experience in April 2015.

Alexander says his own time at the International Haggai Leader Experience was humbling, inspiring, and life-changing. He has used the lessons and strategies he learned there in both his writing and ministry.

“I went to Maui as a bored skeptic, many-times-disappointed Eastern-European guy,” says Alexander. “But what an amazing surprise! I had one of the most exciting experiences in my whole life. It was like a fresh breath from God.”

He has since shared his experience and reached more than 100 people for Jesus Christ, most of whom are opinion leaders and decision makers in public communication and politics.

Excited by the future, Alexander says, “I deeply believe the best is yet to come.”

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