Sharon Singh: My Story

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Haggai leader and faculty member Sharon Singh attended the Haggai Leader Experience in 2003. In this video, she gives an update on her ministry and shares her passion for reaching the youth in Nepal and India.

April 2017 Women’s Session Photos

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Sixty women from 29 nations are finishing up their third week at the Haggai Leader Experience. These strategically-positioned leaders from all over the world will become better equipped to share God’s hope, His love, His truth, and His light with their nations. Here are a few pics from their first … Read More

March 2017 Men’s Session Photos

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Teams cheer during the get to know you games.

Last week was an exciting time for 60 men from 29 nations as they begin their Haggai Leader Experience. During this time, these strategically-positioned leaders from all over the world will become better equipped to share God’s hope, His love, His truth, and His light. Here are a few photos … Read More

What Do We Mean By Cultural Relevance?

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Senior faculty member Daniel Foo explains why sensitivity to culture is at the core of the Haggai method People from all cultures are created in God’s image and are in need of redemption (Genesis 11:1-9). That is the root of cultural relevance. God embraces all cultures – as envisioned in … Read More

The New Story In Colombia

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Reyes Walteros Hebert-FI

The Haggai Leader Experience has helped Reyes Hebert of Colombia design a new church teaching structure and promote leadership development in his local congregation. Reyes’s enthusiastic contribution to the National training in Colombia has also helped produce a further 98 National Haggai leaders in sessions held between 2013 and 2015. … Read More

Speak Their Language

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Maria Nunes-FI

Haggai leader Maria Nunes has found an innovative way of reaching Brazil’s young people. “Nowadays, getting a job in Brazil requires knowledge of English. But the courses are very expensive. We have an English language project for students in the neighborhood of the church. Last year, we ran two courses … Read More

Africa To America

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Moving across town is hard enough, but moving halfway across the world is a different story. Haggai leader Susan Etchu Ayuk recently relocated her family to Maryland after spending nearly her entire life in Cameroon. She moved to the United States in order to continue carrying out the Great Commission … Read More

The Darkness In Cameroon

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We received this word from a friend in Cameroon: “No internet in the whole of English-speaking Cameroon as a government measure to fight terrorism and insurrection. I have had to come to Douala in the French-speaking side to check my mail. A good number of English-speaking Cameroonians have been arrested and … Read More

What Is Your Legacy?

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You have many options to determine what your money will achieve in the years ahead. Estate planning strategies can benefit Haggai Institute; they can also enhance your personal financial security. Because of donors like you, over 100,000 strategically-placed Haggai leaders are sharing the Gospel in 189 nations, many where westerners … Read More

Times Change!

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Change has driven this ministry for almost 50 years. I have spent most of my life challenging my fellow citizens and fellow believers to rise to the challenge of a changing world. But one thing never changes. The Bible makes it clear that evil begins in the human heart, which, … Read More