Our Mission

To equip and inspire strategically-positioned leaders to more effectively demonstrate and present the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to 
prepare others to do the same.

Our Vision

Every nation redeemed and transformed through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The global ministry of Haggai Institute is responding to a world in danger.

Not just the physical suffering of disease, hunger, and poverty, but whole societies locked down by corruption and injustice. Behind everything: the stark reality of separation from God.

We find the best people

Haggai leader Dr. Miltion Mathias' ministry in Brazil tackles the deep issues of disablement.

Haggai leader Dr. Miltion Mathias’s ministry in Brazil tackles the deep issues of disablement.

In response, we take an approach unlike any other.

We equip strategically-positioned leaders from all over the world to share God’s hope, His love, His truth, and His light.

Haggai leaders face no barrier of language, because they’ve spoken it all their lives. They face no barrier of culture; they’ve lived it all their lives. And unlike most Western missionaries and evangelists, they won’t leave.

The result: from Jakarta, to Kampala, to Beijing, millions are receiving the Good News from leaders they know, respect, and trust.

We equip, God inspires

Leaders unplug from their busy, high-pressure routines. They focus 100 percent on one thing: hearing the voice of God.

Leaders unplug from their busy, high-pressure routines. They focus 100 percent on one thing: hearing the voice of God.

For those we select, the Haggai Leader Experience is a defining moment.

We ask them to step away from their everyday lives. For nearly a month, they are free of routine demands and distractions. They learn together, live together, and pray together. All the while, our highly qualified, non-western faculty equip them with skills and knowledge to lead others to Christ.

We have seen it time and again: when we provide the place, the guidance, and the opportunity . . . God moves. He touches hearts. He fills them with His Spirit, and they return home forever changed.

We let leaders lead

The mark of the Haggai leader is a passion to serve Christ and bring others to Him.

There’s no prescribed formula. Each leader has different skills and a different calling. In whatever way God moves them, they promote justice, foster integrity in public life, and help the poor. In short, they bring His light to dark places.

A new model for missions

The influence of Haggai leaders is immense.

That’s because each commits to pass on the Experience by equipping at least 100 others. Our data shows the average rate is 159 in two years.

Every leader in every country becomes a catalyst. Over 100,000 men and women have completed the Haggai Leader Experience. They have established more than 500 local chapters in 110 nations, passing on Haggai skills and inspiration – in their own languages and at their own expense.

All over the world, people are hearing the Good News, in words they understand, and are being called into relationship with Jesus.

Past and future

Haggai Institute's first session held back in 1969.

Haggai Institute’s first session held back in 1969.

Haggai Institute was founded in 1969 by Dr. John Edmund Haggai. He cast a vision, which has been faithfully followed ever since, and our work is more relevant and important today than ever before.

“We are on fire with the conviction that if Jesus said that we are to take the Gospel to the whole world, it can be done!” Dr. John Edmund Haggai