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The Haggai Leader Experience equips outstanding men
and women to bring Good News to a broken world.


No Barriers

  • Haggai leaders live and work where Western missions have little influence.
  • They speak the language and know the culture – because they belong.
  • In 188 nations, they are known, trusted, and listened to.

Forty-two percent of Haggai leaders live in countries with high or very high restrictions on religion.


High Impact

  • Haggai leaders drive businesses, hospitals, universities, churches, and even governments.
  • Their skills make critical ministries work effectively on the ground.
  • They promote justice, foster integrity, and help the poor.

Vertical3The majority of Haggai leaders hold senior-level positions.


Gospel Led

  • Haggai leaders build on 250 years of outstanding missions work.
  • But they are equipped for the realities of the 21st century.
  • As catalysts for change, many establish hospitals, relief organizations, schools, and churches.

Vertical3Ninety-five percent leave with a clear plan to reach their world with the Gospel.


Mobilizing Others

  • Haggai leaders value the Haggai Leader Experience so much that they pass it on at their own expense.
  • On average, each Haggai leader trains more than 100 other leaders.
  • Their verdict: “The Haggai Leader Experience is life-transforming.”

19 countries have trained more than 1,000 Haggai leaders at the national level.


Cost Effective

  • Haggai leaders are experts in reaching their own cultures.
  • They don’t need visas, and they are never going to leave.
  • After the Haggai Leader Experience, they lead others to Christ – not for weeks or months, but for a lifetime.

We can train eight Haggai leaders for the money it takes to keep a single U.S. missions worker in place for one year.