Ong Hock Siew

Ong Hock Siew began his association with Haggai Institute in 2005 as a participant. He has been passionately involved in Haggai Institute ever since. He is now based in Malaysia. He is a highly sought-after corporate consultant and trainer in the Asian region, with more than 25 years of experience, specializing in corporate rehabilitation, corporate entrepreneur development, strategic growth mapping, strategic marketing management, and other business presentation & negotiation.

He started his career with the Hong Kong Bank group and held two CEO positions in different financial institutions. Currently, Ong Hock Siew also consults for companies listed on the KLSE. Besides being the mentor for many corporate entrepreneurs, Ong Hock Siew has also authored books and manuals, and regularly writes on a variety of subjects in the areas of entrepreneurship, strategic marketing, financial planning, motivation, and tourism. He is a member of MENSA.

Apart from his corporate experience, he also facilitates and organizes training programs for churches from different denominations within the Asian region.