• Non-Western Faculty

    After four decades of refinement, Haggai Institute now has an exceptional list of faculty members who are qualified not only by the academic credentials but also by their direct experience of presenting Jesus Christ to their cultures.

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  • Visionary Donors

    These men and women long to see the world changed through the Gospel – and they recognize the strategic power of providing specialist training for leaders already positioned to reach societies often closed to outsiders.

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  • Influential Leaders

    In Haggai Institute’s global
    community there are tens of thousands of strong, focused,
    reliable leaders whose passion is to impact their communities,
    organizations, and nations for
    Jesus Christ.

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Our Impact Around the World

Haggai Institute alumni are impacting the world for Jesus Christ. They are active in almost every nation and culture.


  • 188
    Nations and Territories

  • 508
    Alumni Associations in

  • 110

  • 28,066
    Internationally-trained Alumni

  • 70,841
    Nationally-trained Alumni

  • 98,907
    Total Alumni